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Boobs, A Gordie Howe Hat Trick and A War of Words… This Series Just Got Interesting

What a game that was! The Canucks won game 2 by a score of 7-3 and looked like the powerhouse team that won the President’s Trophy during the regular season. That was the best the Canucks have played in the playoffs this year, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Their top three lines are all producing, and their defense is jumping into the play. Roberto Luongo is steady in between the pipes, and making the big save when he needs to (in both game 1 and 2, he made a key save in the third period while the Canucks were trailing or tied). And their defense, judged by many to be the best in the entire NHL, is looking like it. There’s still a long way to go, but they are firing on all cylinders right now.

But now to the real story of game 2…

The Flash

They’re now the most famous boobs in British Columbia, and brought a little more colour to this series. I’m not really sure what the reasoning for it was (it’s not exactly penalizing Ben Eager is it?), but I’m guessing the CBC is pining for the days of the Green Men’s handstands now. This young lady is now a Twitter sensation and numerous mainstream media outlets are trying to identify/interview her. Holly Conway from the Beat 94.5 spoke to her through email, apparently she was drunk (duh) and is a little embarrassed about it.

The Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Kevin Bieksa is playing amazing right now. This guy was one of my favourite players when he burst onto the scene a few years ago, but like many Canucks fans I absolutely hated the way he played the past two seasons. But Bieksa is an absolute stud right now. Yesterday he had a goal (and a breakaway at that), an assist and a fight against Patrick Marleau. What a beast.

War of Words

The San Jose Sharks are whining again. They were upset at the Canucks diving in game 1 and now Ben Eager is running his mouth. He said that Daniel Sedin turned on purpose before he hit him from behind (Daniel turned after he bobbled the puck), that his slough foot on Mason Raymond wasn’t the appropriate call and that Kevin Bieksa picks his spots. More from Eager on Bieksa:

He was a coward then, and that hasn’t changed

Calling Kevin Bieksa a spot picker is a little ridiculous. To start with, he fought Ben Eager two years ago. Secondly, Bieksa is not simply a fourth line goon, which means he’s allowed to be a spot picker! Did Mark Messier fight any old fool that asked him? How often did Brendan Shanahan turn down fights? I’m guessing quite often. Kevin Bieksa is a leading minute guy for the Canucks, so it makes sense that he would only fight another talented player. Further to that, Patrick Marleau dropped his gloves first!

Surprisingly, head coach Alain Vigneault has been the most outspoken Canuck, sarcastically referring to the Eager hit on Daniel Sedin as “embellishment” and placing some blame on Todd McLellan for Eager’s antics.

Ben Eager is trying to rile the Canucks up, and it’s not working. That sort of stuff carries a lot more weight and frustrates teams a lot more when you’re winning the series, not when you’re trailing.

This series just got interesting.

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