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Manny Malhotra Skates, May Return This Season

It was a slow day in Canuckland today given that the team has been given their second day off without practicing and the fact that they won’t play game 1 of the conference finals until Sunday. That was, until Jason Botchford of the Province dropped this in the Twitter world:

I choose to read lots into news malhotra is skating #callitacomeback

This is unexpected and encouraging news. Manny Malhotra’s career was thought to be in jeopardy after he suffered a serious eye injury on March 16. Malhotra was skating with a full cage, by himself. The Canucks aren’t saying that he’s on the comeback trail, but it doesn’t make sense for him to be practicing unless that was a possibility.

Malhotra’s eye first appeared better in some celebration videos inside the Canucks dressing room (notice he’s not wearing sunglasses):

Who knows if and when he could possibly return, but if he could it would do wonders for the team. Malhotra helps in a lot of areas, and would give them another centre they so desperately need right now. It would turn the Canucks from a three line team into a four line team. Currently they are a team that plays only three lines primarily when the score is close in the third period. If he could return to his previous form, he could be matched up against other teams’ top lines, freeing Ryan Kesler to play in more of an offensive role.

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