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The Green Men are coming… to Nashville!

As we told you yesterday, the Nashville Predators have complained about the Canucks famed ‘Green Men’ and the NHL has taken action to curtail some of their actions. Most notably they won’t be allowed to touch the glass next to the penalty box.

Maybe they worried about something like this happening:

Come on… They’re funny and do a lot of wild things, but they haven’t done anything dangerous. Players don’t even react to them anymore. Now the Canucks are putting an extra official in the box to ‘protect’ the player. A little ridiculous.

Besides, the Nashville Predators of all teams, shouldn’t be complaining considering what their fans do:

The most any player has reacted to the Green Men was Dave Scatchard last season:

Well, just when you thought this story couldn’t get any bigger, it has. ‘The Force’ and ‘Sully’ aka the Green Men are going to game 3 in Nashville!

Via their Twitter account, the Green Men had this to say:

The Greenmen are Nashville bound! Predators didn’t want us in Rogers Arena, didn’t say anything about their arena!

Take that NHL.

No word on what seats they’ll be in, but I’m sure CBC’s cameras will find them regardless. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of reaction they get from Predators fans. Stay tuned…

The ironic thing about all of this is that the Green Men were a non-factor in the first two games. They weren’t at game 1 and the Predators only took one penalty in game 2. Further to that, Green Men mania was starting to stall a little bit anyway. Personally, I was starting to get a little bored of their antics, they were running out of things to do.

But now? Now I can’t get enough of them. I want to see how much they can bother the Predators. What the Predators don’t understand is that if you ignore the Green Men, you take away their power. But if you look at them or worse, react to them, they become more powerful than ever!

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1 Response to The Green Men are coming… to Nashville!

  1. RRRRKKKKK on May 3, 2011

    People have talked about Canucks complaining but its always about things on the ice, the green men are not on the ice but listen to Nashville they want to ban fans. Say what you will about what Vancouver says at least we keep it to issues on the ice


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