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Leave the Green Men Alone!

It was revealed during the second intermission of yesterday’s Canucks game on Hockey Night in Canada that the NHL has told the Green Men to knock off some of their antics beside the opposition penalty box. Apparently they’ve been told to not touch the glass. What’s worse is that Glenn Healy agrees with them!

Glenn Healy called them a “circus sideshow” and said “it’s about the game, it’s about the players, it’s not about guys doing hand stands”. Here’s the problem with that. It’s about the FANS. The Green Men are not paid employees for the Canucks, they’re sitting in seats that were purchased. They’re fans. What’s more, other fans enjoy watching the Green Men too. They spice up the game.

If the Predators are complaining about this, the NHL should tell them to suck it up. Is it really a big deal? I’m sure players are attacked more by foul mouthed Flyers fans in Philadelphia anyway.

Leave the Green Men alone NHL!

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7 Response to Leave the Green Men Alone!

  1. The Buttman on May 1, 2011

    God the NHL is such a joke. They have taken it too far trying to ban people from using the word Canucks, or using a blackhawk logo to raise some money and now trying to ban the green men? They weren't even at game 1 so how was it that a complaint was filed? I am more distracted by the cheerleaders, ban them, this is hockey. I hope the NHL knows that they will soon have 19,000 Green Men dressing up if they want to take cheap shots at our fan base and our organization. Your a straight up joke NHL, if it wasn't for the Canucks I would have given up years ago. Sincerely, a paying customer

  2. Binh Ho on May 1, 2011

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Glenn Healy sounded like an old fart. n nWhat it all boils down to is that the Green Men have done nothing offensive. I haven't heard anything about vulgarity, racist remarks, homophobic phrases, etc… They've kept their hi-jinx fun and harmless.

  3. RRRRKKKKK on May 1, 2011

    If the NHL does anything about fans being fans it will be a new low as fans have been hitting the glass for ages and not until some guys put on green suits is it a problem. I can see them looking at what Nashville is saying but they should of been reminded of a little thing called freedom of expression and so long as they are not harming people or the players themselves this concern should of been discounted, and the Predators told maybe their players should be paying attention to the game not the fans as players have to do from game to game

  4. Amanda on May 1, 2011

    Come on out Vancouver – Saturday, May 7th to Rogers Arena – 6pm at the Roger Neilson statue. Wear all green in support of the Green Men and bring signs that say "Go Green Men Go"!!/ev

  5. Robert Williams on May 2, 2011

    Buttman: The NHL hasn't banned them. They've just asked them to cool a couple of things down.

    Good news! The Green Men are heading to Nashville:!/TheGreenMen/status/65074687

  6. NHL'sBoss on May 2, 2011

    synchronized glass touching, 1. itll get the place excited and loud as F*K and 2. itll show the NHL you cant push around real hockey fans nGO CANUCKS GO

    • Binh Ho on May 2, 2011

      It's a great idea. I hope at least the fans sitting around the section of the Green Men show them some kinda support like that.


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