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Fan Guide 101 or: How you can start winning and stop being a little bitch

After a quick twitter search to check the pulse of Canuck Nation after this loss, one thing’s clear.. our fans are still fucktards.

So here goes.. a quick guide for all those who want to be a fan of a winner:
1) STFU and stop complaining about calls; it’s 1 game and the better team WILL win in a 7-game series! We’re UP 3-1!
2) BELIEVE that the team will bounce back strong in game 5.. all champions do after a tough loss!
3) Move on from this NOW and cheer loudly the next game (at the game, at the bar, or at home with friends/family)
4) Stop being a little bitch
5) Act like the fans who went on that road trip (see above picture) and swagged all over the Cali teams! Act like a winner, brag like a winner!
6) Drink some tiger blood
7) Send this (or repeat this verbally) to all the Chicken Littles around you who are whining/crying now

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