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A Canucks Superhero!

Well Canucks fans, what do you think of this? Meet “Canuck”, one of 30 NHL super heroes. Sort of like Batman if he lived in the sea. You can read all about his super powers here.

This is all part of a new partnership between the NHL and the creator of Spider Man, Stan Lee. Will it inspire young fans to take an interest in the NHL? I’m not sure, but I guess it’s worth a shot. Personally, it’s not doing a lot for me, but they sure are fun to look at.

Here is a sampling of the rest of them:

New Jersey Devils

Philadelphia Flyers

Carolina Hurricanes

Los Angeles Kings

Tampa Bay Lightning

Edmonton Oilers

Pittsburgh Penguins

Nashville Predators

Buffalo Sabres

Minnesota Wild

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3 Response to A Canucks Superhero!

  1. Naz on January 18, 2011

    Really..?! This Is What They Came Up With..?! nHe Reminds Me Of A Cross Between Batman And A Dolphin.. Yes I Know He's Supposed To Resemble A Killer Whale.. But He Doesn’t [Not To Me Anyway].. And Thank GOD He Doesn’t..!! nMaybe They Can Call Him 'Batfin' Or ‘Finman’.. lol. Either Way.. Ew. nPersonally I like Pittsburgh’s Guy.. But Then I Was Always A Fan Of Cyclops..

  2. Rob on January 18, 2011

    Put me down for liking Minnesota's the best. Pittsburgh's looks like he's getting ready to race in the luge.

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