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We are all BIEKSA!?

Dear Kevin,

I have an apology to make. I was in favour of trading you last summer. Well, not even just last summer. I didn’t like your game. I thought you couldn’t return to the player that the city of Vancouver fell in love with in 2006-07.

Even this year, I said some nasty things. I said you were not a shutdown defenseman. But here you are, paired with Dan Hamhuis playing against the other teams’ best lines and playing great! You’re now leading the defense corps in plus-minus, are back to playing mean and lately you’ve even begun putting up points again!

I trust you now. And it appears I’m not alone. Just last month at Naslund’s jersey retirement I heard a guy yell out “trade Bieksa!” when Mike Gillis stepped up to the podium to speak. And now? People are showing up with “We Are All Bieksa” signs for god sakes! I’m not sure what it means either, but it’s got to be a good thing.

Why is this happening? Because you’re back, baby! You’re back to being that mean, snarly defenseman who plays tough and makes good decisions with the puck.

But just like any great Canucks fan, saying all of this makes me nervous. Because of the history of this franchise, I now expect you to flounder as soon as I say these words.

But until then, welcome back Kevin.

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3 Response to We are all BIEKSA!?

  1. KingKovalev4PM on January 8, 2011

    I, for one, am happy The Grimsby Gremlin is playing well again. I have always been a fan; ever since he was on the roster with Adam Keefe. During the "trade Bieksa" stage, it seemed as though he was still worried about his leg or something. I guess getting sliced open twice will do that to someone. Anyways, he's upset at the world again and that's great news for the Canucks. Maybe everybody should continue to lobby for him to be traded to piss him off some more. He'll have to look for a new home, pack up his stuff. That's a lot of work. Anyone would be upset if they were forced to move. TRADE BIEKSA!

  2. Nuckz on January 10, 2011

    Some may say it's bandwagon jumping, but I would prefer positive Canuck talk rather than the negative Canuck talk that is usually diffused by the mainstream media. n nGO Canucks GO! n…. Cup Bound….

  3. Sami Salo set to return, who gets traded? | on January 17, 2011

    [...] So what will happen? Personally, I expect him back sometime next month. I also expect Mike Gillis to have a plan in place. Recent speculation has everyone from Keith Ballard ($4.2 million), Raffi Torres ($1 million) and Mikael Samuelsson (2.5 million) being traded. Personally, I find that speculation ridiculous. Those are playoff-type players that the Canucks would loathe to lose. The more likely scenario would have Andrew Alberts ($1.05 million) and Aaron Rome ($0.75 million) being sent away, assuming they both return from injury not long from now. Notice I’m not mentioning Kevin Bieksa anymore? In case you missed it, a lot of things have changed since the summer and now we are all Bieksa. [...]


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