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Time to load up? Would you trade Raymond, Ballard and Schneider for Iginla?

Let me immediately state that this is not a trade rumour. Nobody has suggested that the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames are talking trade or that Mike Gillis is shopping Mason Raymond, Keith Ballard or Cory Schneider. Even new Flames general manager Jay Feaster has said that he is not interested in trading the face of the franchise, Jarome Iginla. While we can choose to believe or not believe Jay Feaster, it’s still unlikely that he would trade Iginla to Vancouver given that they are a division rival.

The point of asking this question centres around a bigger question. When (if ever) is the time to load up, trade for a player to put your team over the hump, while sacrificing some of your future? I think this year might be the year and a Raymond/Ballard/Schneider for Iginla type deal is at least worth a thought.

Random thoughts:

-The salaries of the three Canucks in the deal would come close to Iginla’s $7 million salary, so it shouldn’t be a problem cap-wise.

-The deal would help kick start a much needed Calgary rebuild, getting a goalie of the future as well as some help on defense and youthful scoring up front. Mason Raymond is also from nearby Cochrane, Alberta.

-The deal would hurt Vancouver long-term, but could pay huge dividends in the short term. Iginla is clearly an upgrade on Mason Raymond up front and Cory Schneider isn’t likely to see playing time in the playoffs anyway. The loss of Keith Ballard would be minimized by the return of Sami Salo.

-The deal would also give the Canucks probably the best second line in the league with Kesler and Iginla playing together. The Flames captain is good for at least 35 goals at the moment, imagine what he could do with a decent centre while playing against teams’ second defense pairs.

-Iginla is a proven big game player with loads of skill, playoff grit and leadership.

-The Canucks seem to be doing fine right now without Mason Raymond, especially with the emergence of Jeff Tambellini. Keith Ballard is also only playing a minor role for the team, so perhaps he is expendable? Cory Schneider will likely be on the bench come April.

So am I crazy? Possibly! I’m not entirely sure I would make this deal, but it’s certainly something to ponder. Perhaps it’s a little too much of the future to give up, as well as the present. Perhaps Jarome Iginla’s $7 million contract is too much to swallow. Here’s how some other Canucks fans reacted to this trade proposal on Twitter earlier today:

@Chris_Withers: no, no and fucking hell no! 3 players of that quality for one 33 year old fading superstar? I’d quit on the team.

@PatrickTussie: it’s an interesting discussion. the #canucks could use a tier 1 forward to play with Kesler.

@a_frilles: those are young players. They have room to improve. Iginla is old. lol

@PabloPenguin74 It’s an interesting idea! Where would Iginla slot in? what do we do with Hansen, Torres or Samuelson?

@Rissyluvsnucks Iginla is too slow for 2nd line. Salo isnt ready and rome is scary. No way! Too much for Iginla

Maybe this isn’t the right deal for Mike Gillis, but I think there is a deal like this to be made this year. The team currently stands 2nd overall in winning percentage and would be well advised to look for a piece to put them over the hump. Is that player Jarome Iginla? If not, then who? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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