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Here's to you, Paul Carson

Sad news yesterday as legendary local broadcaster Paul Carson passed away. Carson had been battling pancreatic cancer. I never met Paul Carson but his accomplishments were lengthy. He was the brains behind Sports Page and also started up the Team 1040.

Perhaps no person has shaped the local sports scene more than Paul Carson. He did a lot of it in front of the camera, but even more behind camera. He’s responsible for essentially discovering Don Taylor, John Shorthouse, Dave Randorf, Barry McDonald, Scott Rintoul and Blake Price (among others).

For a more in-depth article on him, check out Tony Gallagher’s column in the Province.

What I would like to do is remind you of some of the great things he was responsible for. And I will do that in YouTube form:

Remember Yulin’ with the Page? Year after year this Sports Page institution was by far the best sports recap/bloopers show around:

And this is probably the best thing on the internet:

You’ll be missed Paul, RIP.

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