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We're going to miss you Shane-O

Ok, so Shane O’Brien wasn’t the best player or the smartest player, but he was one of the most entertaining. Even in the way out, he had some interesting comments about coach Alain Vigneault:

I wish I got a little fairer shake in camp. I only played three exhibition games, all on the road, and we flew the day of the game on two of them. And – no disrespect to the players we had in those games – but the three games I played we were nowhere near an NHL-calibre roster. It was the icing on the cake for my career here in Vancouver.
A lot of people are taking shots at O’Brien right now but he has a point. Vigneault has stated that O’Brien didn’t make the team because Alberts outplayed him and he makes less money. I buy the less money point, but what chance did O’Brien have to outplay Alberts? Take a look at the games O’Brien played vs the games that Alberts played. O’Brien played all of his games on the road. Alberts played all of his at home. It’s no secret that teams dress far better lineups at home during the preseason, so O’Brien didn’t have a fair fight.
We’re going to miss you Shane-O:

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2 Response to We're going to miss you Shane-O

  1. HeadtotheNet on October 6, 2010

    Agreed, he didn't get a fair shake. Question is, why was Alberts given the upper hand after his pretty lame playoff performance last year?

  2. Robert Williams on October 6, 2010

    He partied too much and pissed off Vigneault. Alberts also 'plays big' more than O'Brien. I think Vigneault had it in mind all along to cut him.


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