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The 40 Greatest Canucks of All-Time, 11-20

We are into the top 20 on our 40 greatest Canucks of all-time countdown and things are really getting controversial. While 31-40 and 21-30 were tricky, that’s nothing compared to this. Where do you rank Morrison vs Ronning? What about Bertuzzi vs Mogilny? Or even Ohlund vs Jovanovski? Find out below!

20. Brendan Morrison

The ‘other guy’ on the West Coast Express, Morrison played in all situations for Marc Crawford’s Canucks. He was clutch too, ranking first in all-time overtime goals in club history. The biggest goal he scored is undoubtedly his OT goal in triple overtime (the second longest game in Canucks history) of game 6 against Calgary in 2004.

19. Cliff Ronning

An excellent player during the team’s best years in the 1990s, Ronning was an integral part of the team’s resurgence. Amazingly given his size he was a prolific playoff performer, ranking fourth in all-time playoffs points.

18. Andre Boudrias

One of the most underrated players in club history, Boudrias held the club record for assists in a season until Henrik Sedin came along. He recorded five straight years of 60 points or more.

17. Don Lever

Ranking tenth in all-time scoring, he was their most consistent player in the 1970s. Breaking into the league as a 19 year old, Lever scored 20+ goals in six of eight seasons with the team.

16. Dennis Kearns

Their best defenceman from the 1970s, was a consistent player on some bad teams. Holds the record for most assists in a season by a defenceman.

15. Alexander Mogilny

AlMo produced one of the best seasons in club history in 1995-96, when he scored 55 goals. Too bad it was mostly downhill from there. Still, his production was decent (especially considering it was during the start of the dead puck era) and he is undoubtedly one of the best talents to put on a Canucks jersey.

14. Ed Jovanovski

Jovo Cop loses some points for not playing as many games as Ohlund or Lumme, but was an offensive force during the Marc Crawford era. He was offensively gifted, gritty and an emotional leader. Oh, and an awesome fighter too.

13. Todd Bertuzzi

Big Bert put together two of the best seasons in club history in 2001-02 and 2002-03. In those two seasons he was the best power forward in the game. Aside from those two seasons, his career with the team was very inconsistent despite a lot of talent. Still, he put up big numbers, notching six straight 50+ point seasons and five seasons of 25+ goals. He was also the inspiration for this gem by Heavy Eric.

12. Jyrki Lumme

Arguably the team’s best offensive defenceman of all-time, Lumme ran the Canucks power play for years. He put up four 40+ point seasons and seven 30+ point seasons.

11. Mattias Ohlund

Matt-O is the team’s all-time leading scoring d-man, mostly because he played a lot of games for the team. He was more of a defensive standout, and was consistent over a number of years. Still, he was able to come up with a lot of big goals, ranking third in career overtime goals.

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