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Game 1 Recap – Canucks Squeak by Kings

Whew! That was close. Not only did Jack Johnson nearly put the puck in the net, but if Michael Handzus doesn’t put his arms up in the air, he might have been able to bury it. Classic Bieksa pose in this picture by the way, standing upright, watching a member of the opposing team in front of the goal. With that said, perhaps I’m being a bit unfair. I thought Bieksa had a solid game, as did the rest of the Canucks D. Most notably, Alex Edler was strong in both ends of the rink. He was a beast, as evidenced by this hit on Drew Doughty (you think Edler trash talked him? Something like “welcome to the playoffs, kid” would have been nice).

Other random thoughts from the game:

The Canucks outplayed the Kings, outshooting them and outchancing them. I guess the predicted shaky LA goaltending didn’t materialize. Jonathan Quick looked good.

If Roberto Luongo lets in that goal in overtime, today everyone is talking about how he lost the game for the team. He didn’t have much work and certainly didn’t steal the game, but he was good enough.

Alain Vigneault really shortened his bench. Rick Rypien saw one shift in the 3rd period and overtime, as did Steve Bernier. Matt Pettinger didn’t see any ice past the 2nd period.

The Canucks really need to work on their penalty killing. They got scored on twice while on the PK. I miss Willie Mitchell.

The Sedins are such bad asses now. Their toughness, clutch plays and emotion is great to see. I loved Daniel’s fist pump after his goal.

Green Men vs Blue Men:

We all know and love the green men, but now we have been introduced to the blue men! Personally, I’m giving the green men the big edge. The blue men are pretty much just a bunch of copy cats, who aren’t as weird and crazy as the green men. Either do something original or improve on the green men. The green men, always innovative, have added an impressive hand stand to their arsenal. Keep it up boys.

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