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Burrows Beef


With a pair of goals on Monday against Nashville on top of last week’s NHL number one star of the week honour, Alex Burrows is red hot at the moment. But it’s the controversy that revealed itself on Monday night that is all anyone can talk about. Burrows accused referee Stephane Auger of carrying out a personal vendeta against him, looking to call penalties because Burrows showed up Auger a month ago. Listening to Burrows in his post game interview and looking in his eyes, it’s not likely that he is fabricating this story. If it’s true, the NHL will have a messy situation on its hands. Helping Burrows’ case is the fact that his chat with Auger was caught on camera, although you can’t tell what they are talking about.



It seems that the only thing more beloved than those green men at GM Place is the laser pointer guy at GM Place. Well, at least for some. The Calgary Flames aren’t too happy about it. For good reason, I guess. You shouldn’t have to deal with that for that long, but I think some people are starting to exagerate things a little bit. Take a look at the Calgary Flames message board. Here’s a sample of some of the best:

That was not the same laser you use to play with your cat.  It has to be considered assault.  I don’t care if it was a kid fooling around, an over enthusiastic college kid or somebody’s Grandma, it’s assault and they should be charged for it.  Set an example before this gets out of hand.
Not only an ejection but the !%@##+ should be charged for trying to cause bodily harm to another person.
This whole incident appears to be a security issue at GM place.
Now that it has been highlighted, there is no excuse for the owners not to fix it.
If it continues then perhaps a league fine and/or movement of the remainder of the games to a safer venue is in order.
It’s a laser pointer people. It probably won’t appear again, and if it does, the security at GM Place will do a better job of finding the person. It’s also not some kind of retina burning laser or a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. Actually, it’s something more like this:

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