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Sportscaster of the Week

Every Tuesday, profiles a Canadian sportscaster. Sometimes they’re sportscasters we like, sometimes they’re ones we don’t. Last week we featured an underrated old guy, this week we feature an annoying young guy: Jason Portuondo.

Portuondo, for those that don’t know, is an anchor for Sportsnet Connected who has brought us some quotes that even the “boom goes the dynamite” guy would find lame. Continually he tells us “remember to wash your hands after you.. FLUSH” (basketball), “that old Beatles song: all you need is… GLOVE” (baseball/hockey), and “E-fence, that’s right, E-fence, because there was no D!” (any sport). Ouch.

Maybe what annoys me most, as a Canucks fan, is the fact that he can’t pronounce the word “Canuck”. Shouldn’t that be a prerequisite to getting a job as a sportscaster in this country? There’s only 6 teams here, you should probably know them.


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1 Response to Sportscaster of the Week

  1. Manilagold on August 13, 2009

    Portuando is like a shrimpy kid in school trying to act cool. Good article.


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