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Pratt and Taylor Feud and Wellwood's Sweet Tweets!


David Pratt and Don Taylor are off the air! Well, for one day at least. The co-hosts of the popular radio show on the TEAM 1040 got into an argument on Monday that lead to David Pratt throwing down his microphone which was followed by 12 minutes of commercials and then a previously taped interview. Afterwards, Pratt returned, without Taylor. On Tuesday, both were given the day off in order to “cool off”. Both, apparently, are to return to the air today at 3:00pm. If you ask me, both are acting a bit like radio divas, as the argument was centred around the comparison of Tom Watson’s accomplishments at the British Open, to 75 year old poker champion Doyle Brunson. My two cents: interesting comparison, poker requires mental strength, golf requires mental AND physical strength.

***UPDATE*** Pratt and Taylor went to air on Wednesday and all appeared to be forgiven. They did not make mention of the pissing contest that happened on Monday until a caller made mention of it. They downplayed the incident and the show went on as normal.


Kyle Wellwood’s arbitration case is around the corner and I believe there is a high chance that the Canucks will walk away from the deal if he is awarded too much. The Canucks will probably walk away from anything nearing $2 million but if I had to guess, I think he’ll get in the neighbourhood of $1.5 million.


That’s right! It’s time for another TWITTER TRACKER! Today’s edition looks at the best tweets from the FAKE Twitter account of Kyle Wellwood:

  • Eagles + Moosehead = good off season. true story.
  • It took me 14 tries to type proportional on T9 in that last update.
  • The size of your stick is not proportional to anything else. althoug maybe inversely to how awesome i am.
  • salary arbitration fun fact number one: I deserve more money. true story.
  • god damn the canucks sure Love us ex leafs players, ugh. i mean, hey Raycroft My old fwend!
  • I think Don Cherry has a crush on me.
  • Does anyone know the special Seasoning for KFC chicken? Paying 200$ for it.

2 Response to Pratt and Taylor Feud and Wellwood's Sweet Tweets!

  1. de witt on November 23, 2009

    People fail forward to success.

  2. de witt on November 23, 2009

    People fail forward to success.


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