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Eklund, Tweeting and the New Volcano Taco!


Just a few thoughts about some of the rumours we’ve heard in the last few days about free agency. With rumour blogs such as Eklund / countless twitter accounts, asks: what stories have they really broken? Here’s a few snippets of rumours from Eklund on the day before free agency began:

  • Ohlund to LA, NJ, or Anaheim (or maybe a real surprise)
  • Knuble will re-sign with Philly
  • Hossa will be a domino after Heatley decides if he wants to go to Edmonton or NY
  • Cammalleri will sign with Buffalo, Nashville or Toronto
  • The Sedins will sign in Montreal
  • Komisarek will sign in NJ or the New York Islanders, but don’t rule out a return to the Habs
  • The Hawks will attempt to move Huet and bring back Bulin
  • Havlat will not be signed today, but will likely end up back in Chicago
  • The Wild will get in on Hossa and make another play for Heatley (and possibly Vinny)
  • The Islanders will make a play for a major player as well. if not Komisarek, maybe Ohlund
  • Kaberle to Boston for Kessel will be revisited

So yeah, not right on a SINGLE rumour! The only things he kind of predicted correctly were vaguely predicting that the Rangers would spend their money (duh!), and that the Thrashers would sign some players unexpectedly (what exactly does that mean?). You’d think if he was just making up stuff that he’d be able to guess better than that!


And what about the Twitter accounts? Darren Dreger’s Twitter has been popular, but is he telling us anything that isn’t already? Same goes with Daren Millard’s “tweeting” from Sportsnet. Even Eklund is on Twitter (apparently Kaberle is on his way to Vancouver, but don’t hold your breath). Jason Botchford’s tweets told us about Gaborik buying a home in West Vancouver, who knows how true that is now that he will be living in New York. But my favourite “tweets” are the fake accounts such as Tony Gallagher and Bob McKenzie. Here are the best of the fake tweets:

Fake Tony Gallagher


  • Deal is definetly done; Will be on the Province website within the hour
  • Going on the TEAM to announce the deal

and then after Tony Gallagher went on the TEAM to say that he’s not on Twitter even though someone has an account pretending to be him…

  • A Tony Gallagher impersonator has been on the Team claiming that this is not my account. As a newspaper man I would never fall for such lies

“Newspaper man”?! That’s classic!

Fake Bob McKenzie

  • Come tmrw, expect Komisarek to go to the Capitals, Koivu to join Selanne in Anaheim and Dave Hodge to come to work drunk. Ha, I kid
  • While I love Babcock, I’m worried that he’ll forget how to coach a CDN player after being in Detroit so long. Ha.
  • The Williams sisters advance to the Wimbledon final again!!! Am I the only one who finds Serena irresistibly sexy?
  • Has anyone tried Taco Bell’s new Volcano Taco? I had 3 or 4 for lunch. They’re delicious, but the TSN bathroom resembles Pompei, Italy now

I love the way fake Bob McKenzie laughs.. Ha! Now, if that didn’t satisfy your daily Twitter fix, check this out (it’s one sweet tweet):

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